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Power of Attorney Lawyer State College, PA

Power of Attorney Lawyer in State College, PAThere are many legal tools available to cover all aspects of estate planning, even if you’re just starting out. At De Boef Lucchesi and Assoc., P.C. we have been assisting clients with all of their estate planning needs for many years, and we offer extensive legal counsel in all areas of probate and estate law. If you would like to find out what options are available, contact our State College, PA office today.

Power of Attorney

One of the tragedies many families face is when a loved one becomes incapacitated because of illness or injury. This situation can be even more difficult when there are medical and financial issues that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, as an estate attorney can attest, it is far too common that family members do not agree on how these issues should be handled. Instead of supporting each other through a difficult time, family members become locked in legal battles that can tear families apart.
In addition to trusts and wills, your estate planning attorney can explain how setting up a power of attorney (POA) to handle these issues can benefit your family. A power of attorney is a legal, written document which authorizes an individual to oversee and act on your behalf. There are several different types of power of attorneys and your estate planning attorney can explain how each one may or may not work for your particular situation.
Nondurable Power of Attorney: This type of POA is in place for a set period of time and is often used only for a specific transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the POA no longer exists.
Durable Power of Attorney: This type of POA is more encompassing and allows the individual appointed to oversee and manage the affairs of the person who has appointed them (the principal). There is no set time period like a nondurable POA, but it does expire upon the death of the principal.
General Power of Attorney: A person who is appointed general POA handles all of the financial issues for the principal. This includes overseeing any property that is owned, such as rental property where rent needs to be collected and taxes paid.
Healthcare Power of Attorney: A healthcare POA is the person who will oversee all medical decisions should the principal become incapacitated and no longer able to communicate their wishes. Your power of attorney lawyer may advise you to sign an advanced directive which specifies which medical treatment you would decline if you were able to communicate. Your healthcare POA is the agent who ensures that your doctor adheres to your wishes. Some of the decisions that should be determined in these documents include:
  • What your wishes are in regards to pain and suffering
  • What type of extraordinary measures should be taken to keep you alive
  • Where do you prefer to spend your final days (i.e. at your home or in the hospital)
  • What spiritual beliefs do you wish to be honored
  • Whether you want to be an organ donor

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