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DWI Charges: Police Can Make Mistakes

DWI Lawyer State College PAThose who have been arrested for driving under the influence may want to consider consulting with a DWI lawyer State College PA knows from De Boef Lucchesi to represent them. Many people do not realize that there are many ways one can reduce or eliminate DUI charges. Police officers and other members of law enforcement do not always perform DUI tests accurately, or with a fair reason to do so.

We have protected the rights of people facing unfair criminal charges for years. We understand you may be confused and unsure of to do next, and can help walk you through each step of the criminal defense process, as well as put together a strong defense for your case. Call us today and consult with a DWI lawyer State College PA trusts at 814-231-4050.

Reasons You May Be Able to Fight Your DUI Charge

During your consultation with a DWI lawyer State College PA recommends, you’ll find that, contrary to what you may have heard, there are a great deal of options for people facing DWI charges. It is not impossible to have your charges reduced or have a better outcome to your case than you expect. Your lawyer may use one of the following arguments to defend you, based on the circumstances of your arrest:

  • The officer may have failed to read you your Miranda rights
  • You might have failed your test due to a condition such as acid reflux
  • The breathalyzer might have been miscalibrated
  • The officer could have acted unprofessionally or used improper conduct during your field sobriety test
  • The officer may have pulled you over wrongfully, in the instance that you were driving safely

You may be feeling devastated, and as though there is too much evidence against you. You likely performed a sobriety test and failed per the judgment of the officer that pulled you over. In addition, you may have also completed a breathalyzer and/or blood test and were informed your blood alcohol level was higher than the legal limit of 0.08%. Many people simply accept their charges under these circumstances, and thereby face immense fees and potential jail time. Know that a State College DWI lawyer can assist with scrutinizing the details surrounding what happened during your arrest.

A DWI charge is not always a fixed penalty like a speeding ticket, wherein you pay the consequences and after a certain number of years it drops off your record. By choosing a DWI lawyer State College PA recommends from De Boef Lucchesi, you can actually fight to keep your license. You do not have to accept fines, higher insurance costs and criminal charges without a defense.

Contact De Boef Lucchesi for a DWI Lawyer in State College PA

We are here to support your case and do what we can to prevent this incident from adversely affecting your future. We recommend you bring your police report and any other documents related to your arrest with you to your initial consultation. We will be open and candid during your case evaluation, and offer advice as to how we should proceed with handling your trial.

Please give our law firm a call by dialing 814-231-4050 to reach a member of our legal team today. Do not hesitate to reach out and find out how a DWI lawyer State College PA regularly chooses may be of service to you during this difficult time.