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Strategies for a Criminal Defense Case

Criminal Lawyers State College PAIf you are suffering the burden of being accused of a serious crime, you may want to consider seeking criminal lawyers State College PA knows from De Boef Lucchesi to represent you in court. Criminal charges should not be taken lightly, and it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer that is seasoned in handling cases similar to yours. For years, we have been committed to protecting the rights of the accused. We believe every person deserves a second chance, and our ultimate goal is to clear you of charges. If that is not possible, we can strive to reduce the length of your sentence or its severity.

There are many strategies State College criminal lawyers at De Boef Lucchesi may use in support of your case. Your attorney may use one or many of the tactics listed below. It is important that you choose an attorney you can trust, and do not represent yourself in a criminal defense case. By standing alone, you may be severely jeopardizing your chances of being cleared of some of your charges.

Legal Strategies in Defense of Criminal Charges

  • The Insanity Defense. This is not used frequently, as it is rarely successful. With this defense, the accused must have a severe mental disorder, and there must be evidence that the accused was not aware that what he or she did was wrong, if the jury is not convinced by the insanity plea, a guilty verdict can ensue.
  • Coercion and Duress. With this defense, criminal lawyers State College PA trusts will argue that the accused was forced into committing the alleged crime due to being threatened. This is not applicable to those who found themselves in a distressful situation due to their own negligent or reckless behavior.
  • Abandonment and Withdrawal (Renunciation). This argues that the accused planned to commit or be an accomplice to a crime, but chose to abandon his or her involvement; evidence must be shown in support of this type of plea.
  • Self-Defense. This argument claims that the accused acted in order to protect him- or herself from harm.
  • Consent. This puts forth that the accused does admit to having been a part of the crime, but that the accuser consent to the unlawful action.
  • Intoxication. By arguing that the accused was under the influence, criminal lawyers State College PA looks to for defense may successfully help negate an aspect of the crime. However, this defense does not typically clear the alleged crime completely.
  • Statute of Limitations. This claim asserts that the accuser did not file charges within a certain amount of time, and thus the charges should be cleared from the accused.

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By choosing to hire one of the criminal lawyers State College PA recommends from De Boef Lucchesi, you can rest more easily knowing you have a professional standing alongside you through this challenging process, and who believes in you and your innocence.

Please call us today at 814-231-4050 to receive your first consultation with a criminal defense attorney at De Boef Lucchesi. Trust that, with us, you can feel confident in the commitment and experience that our criminal lawyers State College PA prefers will offer you.

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