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Criminal Lawyers State College PA Trusts Explain Common Defenses for Criminal Charges

Criminal Lawyers State College PAGetting charged with a crime can be very scary and negatively affect your life in many ways. One of the best things you can do right now is develop a strong defense. The experienced criminal lawyers from De Boef Lucchesi can explain all of your options and help you avoid doing something that may damage your case. Here are some common defenses to criminal charges:

Self-Defense: If the case involves a violent charge, like assault or homicide, a self-defense claim can sometimes be used. For example, if the victim in the case actually threatened the defendant with harm, the defendant has the right to defend him or herself. However, the law only permits the defendant to use only so much that is necessary to deal with the threat.

Alibi Defense: Another common defense some people use in criminal cases is the alibi defense. In this defense, the defendant claims he or she couldn’t have committed the crime because he or she was in a different place when the crime was committed. In order for this defense to be viable, there has to be sufficient evidence that the defendant was somewhere else, such as eyewitness testimony or security footage.

Defense of Others: In some cases, the victim may have tried to harm the defendant’s family member or friend and the defendant had no choice but to protect the person. The defendant may tell the court that he or she was forced to force to protect his or her loved one from getting seriously hurt.

Insanity Defense: The insanity defense can also be used in certain criminal cases. This is not used frequently, as it is rarely successful. With this defense, the accused must have a severe mental disorder, and there must be evidence that the accused was not aware that what he or she did was wrong because of a mental illness. if the jury is not convinced by the insanity plea, a guilty verdict can ensue.

Defense of Mistake: If the defendant truly didn’t know that he or she was doing something illegal, he or she might be able to use that as a defense. For instance, if a bartender served an underage customer who presented a fake ID, the bartender could say that he or she legitimately thought the customer was over 21.

Entrapment Defense: The entrapment defense can be used when authorities force someone to commit a crime and then arrest that person afterward.

Coercion and Duress: With this defense, criminal lawyers State College PA trusts will argue that the accused was forced into committing the alleged crime due to being threatened. This is not applicable to those who found themselves in a distressful situation due to their own negligent or reckless behavior.

Abandonment and Withdrawal (Renunciation): This argues that the accused planned to commit or be an accomplice to a crime, but chose to abandon his or her involvement; evidence must be shown in support of this type of plea.

Consent: This puts forth that the accused does admit to having been a part of the crime, but that the accuser consent to the unlawful action.

Intoxication: By arguing that the accused was under the influence, criminal lawyers State College PA looks to for defense may successfully help negate an aspect of the crime. However, this defense does not typically clear the alleged crime completely.

Statute of Limitations: This claim asserts that the accuser did not file charges within a certain amount of time, and thus the charges should be cleared from the accused.

As you can see, there are many kinds of defenses that can be used in criminal cases. The type of defense you use depends on the specific crime you were charged with and the evidence there is. Skilled State College PA criminal lawyers may review the details of your case and determine which defense is suitable.

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