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Criminal Defense Lawyers State College PAIf you have been charged with a crime, it is probably in your best interest to contact criminal defense lawyers State College PA individuals trust. The criminal justice system can be difficult to navigate, especially without the assistance of State College criminal defense lawyers. Having a knowledgeable attorney’s support can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your case.

At De Boef Lucchesi and Assoc., P.C. we have years of experience protecting clients from criminal charges, and helping them turn their situations around. Call us at 814.231.4050 to learn more about how criminal defense lawyers in State College PA could be exactly what you need.

Criminal Defense Cases: An Overview

As criminal defense lawyers State College PA residents turn to might tell you, it can difficult to anticipate the outcome of any given case. The following tips may help you achieve a positive outcome in a criminal defense case.

1. Avoid speaking with the police.
While it may seem important that you talk to the police, making statements or signing anything can incriminate you. Hiring one or more criminal defense lawyers State College PA locals recommend can be key to protecting your rights. A lawyer can intercede on your behalf by speaking with the police, lessening the likelihood that you incriminate yourself.

2. There must be evidence of your guilt.
You can only be arrested if there is “probable cause” that indicates you committed a crime. Once the police have what they believe to be probable cause, they can arrest you on the spot, by submitting a letter to the District Attorney’s office, or by asking you to surrender yourself at your local police station.

3. Be prepared to participate in an arraignment.
An arraignment is the first stage of courtroom-based proceedings in a criminal defense case. There, your lawyer will receive the complaint which states the charges against you, as well as any existing police reports related to your case. This is when you will plead “guilty” or “not guilty.” Criminal defense lawyers State College PA community members choose from our firm will have the chance to argue for bail. One of our attorneys will also be informed of the dates of future hearings and proceedings regarding your case.

4. If you are charged with a felony, there will be a preliminary hearing prior to the pretrial and the trial.
At a preliminary hearing, the judge determines whether there is probable cause to believe (a) that a crime was committed, and (b) that you were the one who committed the crime. Your attorney will have the opportunity to dispute any evidence against you and bring in key witness testimony.

If the judge decides there are enough facts to hold you guilty for the crime, he or she will send your case to trial. There, you will be arraigned a second time on the charges that are set to be filed against you, which may be different of those from the initial arraignment.

5. Work with an attorney to prepare for a trial hearing.
Your case will go to trial after the pretrial stage if a disposition is not reached. There, presenting evidence will be brought before a jury, witnesses will be cross-examined, and opening and closing statements will be made. This is a simplified summary, and much more can occur at trial; it’s important to confer with a criminal defense attorney about what could happen should your case go to court.

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