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Understanding the Difference Between Legal Advice and Legal Information

De Boef Lucchesi and Assoc., P.CWhen you’re browsing the internet for help for a legal matter, you may see the terms ‘legal advice’ and ‘legal information.’ It’s easy to question whether or not these terms mean the same thing or have different meanings.
Legal advice refers to professional counsel, either given orally or in writing, about a certain legal situation that could have an effect on the advice-seekers’ rights or responsibilities. In general, only an attorney can give legal advice which requires an attentive analysis of the legislation and rules pertaining to the matter.  Legal advice is not speculative or based on generic information; furthermore, the person giving the advice may be obligated to certain responsibilities as a result of doing so.
Any nonlawyer may recite legal information, but they cannot give legal advice. If they were to do so, they could be subjected to penalties.

Understanding What May Be Regarded as Legal Advice

Authentic legal advice is given by a licensed attorney to his or her client. Advice from a family member or friend is not considered to be legal advice. The characteristics of legal advice include:
  • It could affect a person’s rights or responsibilities
  • It may obligate the advice giver to rights and responsibilities
  • Legal advice applies specific laws or rules to a specific situation or circumstance
  • It requires education, skills, judgment, unbiased thinking, and legal knowledge
Legal advice also suggests or proposes that a client takes a certain action. Legal information might tell a person how to do something, but it does not tell that person what to do; that would be legal advice.

Examples of Legal Advice

  • Filling out forms on behalf of a client
  • Speculating an outcome of a trial
  • Drafting legal documents that could affect a person’s rights
  • Represent a person before a judge
  • Making negotiations on behalf of an individual
Some examples of questions that may need legal advice include:
  • Is it a good idea to plead guilty?
  • Should I file a car accident claim?
  • Can I file a restraining order against my neighbor?

What Is Not Considered to Be Legal Advice

Legal advice is ultimately advice that is direct and suggests a particular course of action. Legal information is generalized and does not address any specific course of action. Legal websites including this one should not be interpreted as legal advice. Rather it offers general legal information. Other examples that are not considered to be legal advice include:
  • Self-help legal forms
  • How to guides
  • Responses to legal questions on a forum or Q&A site
  • Information on social media
  • Information in the newspaper
  • Information on legal websites and law firm websites

Call De Boef Lucchesi and Assoc., P.C for Trusted, Honest Legal Advice

Legal information and legal advice are both two different terms, yet equally useful. Sometimes you will need legal advice, but other situations warrant the need for legal information. If you believe you require legal advice, please call De Boef Lucchesi and Assoc., P.C to discuss your legal matter with one of our State College PA attorneys.

Faith is very knowledgeable! She is persistent and has always followed up with us everytime we had any questions on the status of our case.

Josh Steffen

My wife and I first visited De Boef Lucchesi & Assoc in 2014. Faith has been incredibly helpful and patient with us. The prices are so much lower than I would expect. My wife and I did our last will & testaments along with living wills and power of attorney. We’ve come back to make modifications once we had children. If we need any legal services, this is our first stop.

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Well trusted for over a decade. They take your case civil or criminal and give you complete honesty. I won’t use anyone else in centre county.

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Excellent attentive legal services. They are very knowledgeable and do not give up .

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Very professional. Quick response to every question about the situation. Received excellent service very quickly. More than satisfied with the results. Have been clients for 4 years and will continue to use their services.

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In their warm and friendly style, Faith and Tony will do all that is needed to exceed your expectations. Their experience and confidence will give you assurance you are getting the advice you need to get the results you expect. We have had a relationship for twelve years and would not consider using anyone else for our legal needs. Even though we have moved from the area, we continue to use them for all our legal needs.

Ed Stover

I was very pleased with my experience at this law firm. Prompt action, great attitude and very knowledgeable! I don’t understand some of the negative reviews…all my calls and questions were answered quickly by Tony. I highly recommend DeBoef and Lucchesi! My case turned out so much better than I was expecting. Thank you Tony DeBoef!

Paula Stellefson

Faith and Tony are both great lawyers and are very helpful. As someone who had no idea where to begin with a Will and Power of Attorney, Faith took the time to explain it in detail and help guide us in our decisions. I haven’t had to utilize Tony’s services, but I’ve know people that have utilized his services and were very pleased with the outcome of their cases. I personally have recommended them to friends and family members.

Meredith Jackson

Faith & Tony have been my family’s personal lawyers for years and will continue to be for many, many more. They are truly amazing at what they do! The level of care and expertise is always top-notch with them. Beyond grateful for all that they do!

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The absolute BEST lawyers. They have dealt with countless cases for us and we are always so pleased by their work. Their wide range of expertise is unmatched in this area. They truly always go above and beyond, as well as, look out for our best interests. We highly recommend Faith & Tony.

Remo Gaggi

Anthony (Tony) De Boef, Esquire

Tony began his career as a prosecutor in Iowa before arriving in State College in 1993. With more than a decade of experience as a district attorney, he entered private practice and used his knowledge of the criminal process to help defendants obtain the best outcome possible.  Personable, responsive, and competent. Call him immediately if you find yourself entangled with the law.

Faith M. Lucchesi, Esquire

Faith began her career at the United States Department of Justice working on environmental issues, including oil and gas litigation and property matters before settling in State College.
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